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What is Physical Literacy?

Physical Literacy Consensus Statement:

In recent years, various stakeholders have engaged in activities to promote and develop physical literacy. Excitement around the concept has also led to a variety of definitions. In a broad consultation, sector leaders in Canada suggested that a common definition with consistent language was needed to provide clarity for the development of policy, practice and research.

The purpose of this Statement is to:

  • promote the value of physical literacy and preserve the integrity of the concept
  • advocate for the use of a common definition of physical literacy, as defined by the International Physical Literacy Association
  • facilitate alignment within and between the multiple sectors in the physical literacy community
  • improve the consistency and clarity of communications relating to physical literacy
  • inform the consistent and co-ordinated development of physical literacy tools and resources created by various stakeholders.

Physical Literacy Definition:

Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life

-International Physical Literacy Association, May, 2014

Click Here to view the full document.

Physical Literacy Video

Check out this 3-minute video on Physical Literacy:

The video includes definitions as well as key facts and stats regarding physical activity levels among children and youth. You’ll understand the benefits of physical literacy, but also the dangers of physical inactivity. As the video states, “It’s not just about sports. It’s about giving children and youth the opportunity to succeed – to live a happy, healthy, long life.




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